Airline /Charter Startup

CAV provides complete business plan covering feasibility and viability study for passenger and cargo operation covering schedule or charter operation. CAV also provides project management till acquiring Air Operator Permit (AOP). CAV´s experience of successful, sustainable start-up of passenger, cargo airline in high regulatory and infrastructure constrain environment gives unique advantage in handling any start-up airline / charter operation. Our commitment for very high level of regulatory and corporate governance compliance ensures that any business plan executed remain sustainable for long term with high standard of operation.

Airline Audit

In current aviation business environment there is paradigm shift in working from ‘At Any Cost’ to ‘At A Cost’. CAV with wealth of techno commercial knowledge and domain expertise can provide unique audit expertise which ensures that process and procedure not only meets strict civil aviation regulatory compliance, industry accounting standard but also most efficient and cost effective business. CAV also reviews internal check controls and business continuity aspect. Our approach for audit is to act as catalyst for efficiency and effectiveness rather that fault finding. Our audit covers all function of Engineering and Maintenance, Flight Safety, Statutory Financial Audit and Corporate Governance Audit.

Finance Institute/Bank’s Customer Audit

Aviation plays a key role in the development of Country´s economy in any part of the world. It is inescapable for financial institutions and banks to support this sector with adequate funding for proper development as well as sustainable growth. Aviation is complex business and each activity has long term implication, operational as well as financial. FI/Banks needs to evaluate and ensure that funds requirement is adequate for intended requirement. FI´s/Banks also need clear visibility on their fund exposer in short term as well as long term. CAV with techno financial expertise can evaluate Engineering, Maintenance functions of Finance Institute/Bank’s customer to give clear visibility of their funds deployment and long term consequence of customer policy and procedure.

ERP Implementation

“Buying horse is easy, riding same needs expertise!”

Aviation is very complex, time sensitive and dynamic industry. A good ERP system of engineering, maintenance and logistics, is key for managing airline E& M efficiently and effectively in real time. Still power of ERP is not used by most of the airline for decision making as well as key element for management. E&M ERP requires lot of domain and software expertise to implement and integrate with other software in airline.

CAV’s experience and expertise in ERP enables to help airline to customize and implement ERP as way of life, reducing manpower, enhancing informed decision making, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Insurance Consultancy

Insurance premium is significant cost in operation. A good insurance management reduce insurance premium and good claim management ensure that claim is realized efficiently and effectively. CAV can help in preparing business case for competitive insurance bidding to ensure that, customer pay most economical premium for coverage. In case of event claim, CAV ensures that claim process is effectively managed from point of incident /accident report, claim preparation and claim settlement. CAV can also train all stake holders to ensure proper incident / accident reporting to ensure that claim are properly reported and accounted for.

Fuel Management

Fuel is one of the single highest cost in aircraft operation. There are multiple function involved and are engaged in fuel chain management. It is very critical factor that fuel accounting and consumption is identified at each stage of receipt and consumption to ensure that efficiency of same can be quantified and directly mapped with controllable activity. CAV has developed system and process which can monitor fuel consumption at every stage of operation, identify related activity at each stage and advise suitable action in operation, maintenance and maintenance planning to reduce consumption. This system also monitors fuel at three different stages for accurate accounting to avoid any leakage.

International Ferry

Aircraft required to be ferried for technical as well as commercial reasons. Ferry involves engagement with multiple authorities and service providers. CAV provides single point solution for international ferry. CAV can provide ferry of aircraft to worldwide destinations. Our team work out most economical route feasible for type of aircraft. Evaluate services required at each stage to avoid any non-essential services and associated charges. Route and airports are selected to ensure that minimum navigation and fuel charges are paid. Our services cover custom, trip kit, refueling, transit hotel and navigation, landing permission. We can also provide cockpit crew if required.

After Market-Back Office Support

All Airlines are under continuous pressure to reduce cost of operation. After-market vendors are the key in the cost reduction chain. Vendors need to ensure that all activities add value to spare supply chain and not cost. CAV can support vendors in adding value and reducing cost in spare supply chain. CAV has wide experience on both side of supply chain management from operator point of view as well as supplier’s side. Our team has extensive experience in inventory planning, repair & warranty management and component modification. With our broad experience of all type of aircrafts component and spare management, we can support aftermarket supplier in their stock planning, repair and warranty management. Our team of experience personal can provide off site support to enable reduce operating as well as overhead cost of aftermarket supplier and making more competitive.

Aircraft Upgrade/Modification

Aircraft modification and upgrade is continuous process and required for airworthiness and business requirement. It is critical that upgrade and modification is managed within parameter of effective business plan. CAV has expertise with experience for the project management of aircraft upgrade and modification like aircraft system modification, cabin reconfiguration, freighter conversion, weight upgrade, avionics upgrade, etc. Our project team review the customer requirement and prepare most economical techno commercial business case with budget and time line and requirements. Our project team work in close coordination with Kit Manufacturer, Spare Vendors, MRO, DER and other regulatory authorities to ensure that project is completed with all required approval, documentation in agreed time frame and budget.