Asset Management

Asset Management

Customer E & M Evaluation

To avoid any de-gradation in asset value and marketability across the geographical region, it is important to continuously monitor asset while it is operated,technically maintained and proper record are generated,maintained and preserved as per regulatory requirement and industry standards during revenue operation.

CAV Aviation Service Pvt. Ltd. can audit potential Operator’s Engineering and Maintenance process, procedure, system, infrastructure and work culture to determine potential customer ability to maintain asset and record as per industry standards.Audit also cover business continuity and in case of cease of operation possibility of asset and related record recovery.

This will enable Asset Owner to evaluate potential risk factor in business transaction.

Asset Transition Management

Asset needs to be redeployed in same or different airworthiness and geographical region. CAV work with Asset Owner / Manager in advance to plan asset transition with clear road map and time line to reduce idle period and cost of transition to minimum.

CAV offer wide range of comprehensive and flexible services for seamless transfer of asset from current customer or to next lessee. CAV team work with owner, current operator and next lessee to ensure physical transfer of asset and record is completed with minimum down time and cost. CAV can also act as single point contact to take care of technical, regulatory and legal issue.

Asset Repossession and Storage

Asset needs to be repossessed due to various un-avoidable circumstances. This is not pleasant activity but needs to be done with extreme care to ensure interest of owner is protected.

CAV has developed solution for repossession of asset in case of default of payment, breach of lease terms or bankruptcy of operator. We have customized solution for repossession of asset, technical records, and component in different scenario -friendly, hostile, defunct operator. CAV covers all legal, technical, regulatory and commercial aspect to mitigate risk of de-valuation of asset to minimum. CAV help in providing physical security of asset, registration in friendly country and relocation of asset minimum time.

CAV has tie up with EASA 145 stations, Spare support provider, logistics and ferry services to re build, airworthiness certification and ferry to safe location for storage and preservation.

In Service Audit

In service audit is required to ensure that asset and records are maintained in required condition. Any deviation from required standard is identified in advance and advised operator to take corrective action to reduce the risk.

CAV provide in service record audit of asset during lease period. Record covers status of compliance, review the standard of maintenance and record keeping. Our team has extensive experience of all major ERP used for E&M by airlines. This helps to carry out independent verification of records with/without operator. This ensures that CAV does not audit record on what is being provided but audits on what is being maintained.