Aircraft Technical Management

Aircraft Technical Management

Fleet Technical Management

CAV-FTM solution provides comprehensive aircraft technical operation management which ensure that asset availability for revenue operation is maximized with cost of operation is optimized for life cycle operation. CAV is experienced with different type of aircraft and depending upon the size of operation gives unique ability to develop customized solution for operator. CAV solution reduce uncertainty and unscheduled events and integrate same with predictive event resulting in smooth operation. CAV solution also ensures that activity are process driven instead of person driven with high level of check and control to ensure very high standard of regulatory and accounting compliance.

Lease Management

CAV works closely with operator to ensure lease contract terms are appropriate for nature of operation and does not result in higher total cash flow rental and reserve. Asset is evaluated in detailed before induction to ensure that rental, maintenance reserve and return condition fairly correspond to condition of asset and are as per standard industry practice.

CAV solution also ensure that asset maintenance programme, maintenance cycle is optimized to ensure asset maintenance status synchronized with return condition at lease expiry. This ensures that maintenance cost on asset is optimized at point of lease return.

E&M Cost Management

E&M cost is very complex and one of the major elements which is not very accurately budgeted and captured. CAV experienced team can analyse the deviations, identify and corrective action taken in real time.

CAV cost management solution manage all element of E&M cost covering heavy maintenance, direct maintenance, maintenance reserve, lease return, insurance, inventory and inventory holding, scrap. This ensures accurate budget projection and cash flow which can be integrated with company cash flow and revenue. Real time accounting ensures that any deviation is immediately identified and corrective action is taken and there is no surprise.

This will also ensure that cost of operation can be bench marked, cost structure is optimized and reporting as per standard industry practice.

Asset Delivery- Redelivery

Aircraft and engine are single largest expense in E&M cost and there is long term implication of leased contract.

CAV has experience of induction of large type of aircraft / engines from different regulatory environment and configuration and similarly redelivery of asset. Our expertise ensures that at the time of redelivery, asset and records audited and meet lease contract and regulatory condition. CAV also help customers to develop maintenance programme and record keeping process to ensure at time of redelivery, aircraft maintenance status is close to redelivery condition and there is minimum cost for bridging redelivery.

CAV also ensure that work package developed is adequate for redelivery condition from current status, any additional requirement of lessor and next Lessee is identified and accounted separately from redelivery cost. This ensures that total ownership cost shop is optimized.

Heavy Maintenance Management

Heavy maintenance management is one of the key elements in asset life cycle cost management and availability of revenue operation. This is continuous cost to Operator.

CAV has extensive experience of heavy maintenance management including work package development and event management. Heavy maintenance is planned in advance to align with business and operational requirement. Heavy maintenance work package is developed to align line maintenance capability and re-delivery condition requirement.

CAV on site representative ensures that during check all cost materials and man hour cost are accurate and corresponding to work scope. Our representative is also ensuring that work flow is optimized to reduce man hour cost and quality of work is as per industry standard.

CAV also helps in sourcing show stopper items to ensure that TAT is maintained.

Sales and Lease

CAV help owners to unleash potential of its asset.

CAV extensive experience with leasing of asset gives insight view of lessor requirement and decision making. This helps us to build up asset, record and lease structure to meet industry standard and across the region marketability. We can help owner to market its asset with potential lessor and help to negotiate and develop lease structure.

CAV can also locate potential customer and negotiate for sale of asset.

Our experience in handling cross border transaction ensure that all regulatory, legal, finance and tax issue are addressed in given time line and smooth closer of transaction.